About …

… ME

Hi ! I am Marianne, a black woman/girl almost hitting the quarter of a century, born in France with a background from West Africa, Parisian in the soul and in the attitude. Loves writing and reading, watching A LOT of series, spending A LOT of time on Youtube and other social media (but Youtube is bae though), learning new things about Self Love because the best love that you can get on this earth is your own right? And of course, I really, really enjoy traveling it’s seriously becoming one of my favorite hobbies even though I hate flying (Isn’t it just better to feel the earth under your feet ?).


For a few months now, I’ve been living in the middle-east, in Israel precisely and during this time I visited the country which I keep doing for the few months that I have left here, I am also visiting Palestine and have already spent a few days in Jordan. Doing this I wanted to write memories from all this experience, so I thought while doing so, I might as well just share it with the world because for most of the time, information we get from this part of the world is from the news and it’s not really encouraging people to discover those countries. Besides, it’s been a long time that I wanted to have my own blog, so yeah it was about time.

A little DISCLAIMER here: I am certainly not into politics, and I’m not here to talk about any conflicts, I am just a citizen of the world who wants to see his beautiful features, that’s it. You’ll probably think that I live in a world full of rainbows and butterflies, well guess what? I wish!

I am also not going to qualify this blog as a “travel blog” because I am probably going to write about a bunch of other stuff that has nothing to do with traveling but simply doing with everyday life. But for sure each time I’m going to have the opportunity to discover some new features of this world I’m gonna try to share it in Landscape Seen.


Because deciding to have a blog is certainly not only about the person who writes in it but rather about the people who read it, I hope making a great a job at telling you my stories and make it easy to read them for you. I’ll do my best to share some tips and also answer any of your questions if you have some.

Welcome to Les Marianne