First stop in Jordan : Wadi Rum

LANDSCAPE SEEN / Sunday, June 10th, 2018

Never have I ever would have thought that one day I would have put a toe in Jordan. Honestly, If someone would have asked me to place the country on a map two years ago, that would have been a real struggle (geography is not my thing, but I intend to improve this flaw by traveling). So guess what now, the only thing I can’t stop thinking about is going back to Jordan, especially in Wadi Rum.

This natural reserve is a wild protected desert, situated in the south of the country. I actually went in Jordan by crossing the border from Eilat (a city in the south of Israel), I literally “walked in” Jordan.

Wadi Rum is this place where you’ll find mountains, arches, and domes, all more beautiful the ones than the others, that you’ll be able to climb if you feel adventurous. You will also enjoy the feeling of walking, jumping and falling in the sand. What a great feeling it was to just be there with just the nature in front of your eyes, and have solely the moon to light the night.

Wadi Rum is this place where you’ll have the opportunity to just be at peace with yourself, be surrounded by the silence of nature. It’s an experience of peacefulness and fun, whether you do it alone or with a company.

To sleep in Wadi Rum you will have the choice between several bedouins camp. For my trip, I happened to be in one of these, with a great host, who made us discover this wild desert and made us encounter some of his friends originally from a neighboring country who were very fun and welcoming enough to prepare a meal for us. Of course, during this trip you’ll be proposed many activities like a tour in the desert in a Jeep, doing a walk with camels, riding a quad, etc. The choice is up to you. But even without doing all kind of activities I am sure you will be pleased to just spend time there. With my roommates, we decided to extend our stay, one more night at the last minute, because we were realizing how much fun it was to just be there and simply feel good and free.


Oh and do me a favor, if you happen to go there someday, just run down of an amount of sand until you can’t handle it anymore and just fall. Come back and leave me a comment to tell me if you cracked a smile while doing this.

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