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LIFE SCHOOL / Sunday, April 29th, 2018

In order to visit different cities during my presence here in middle east, I had to sleep in different accommodations to have a place to stay at night. Now when I say “accommodation” I mean hostels, where I had the chance to make some nice encounters and some a little less nice. Let’s just say that as roommates some people, would not have been my first choice, or my second, not even my tenth.

Let me remind you that hostels are those accommodations where most of the time you get to share your room with strangers. Knowing this, you also have to share bathrooms, kitchen and each shared place of the hostel, with people coming from every part of the world.

In day to day to day life, when we are not living on our own, we sometimes can have some little disagreements about emptying the dishwasher, closing the windows at night, throwing the garbage, etc …Those disagreements can also happen in a hostel but it’s harder to deal with those when your roommate is unknown to you. So as a citizen of the world you just expect people to be respectful and responsible.

Well, put those expectations aside and get ready to live with the rest of the world, like what I should have done a few times. Like this one time in Jerusalem, where I was in a room of six people, with 2 acquaintances of mine and 3 other ladies that I did not know. One of those decided that it was a great idea to let the door of the room open almost everytime she was coming and going, knowing that the room was leading into the leaving room of the hostel, so doors open meant no privacy at all.

Or this one time in Tiberias where this one man arriving in a room already occupied by 7 other people decided that it was a great idea to turn on the AC (air conditioner) while he was out, without asking for anyone present their opinion. This had given me the chance to come after few hours not into a room but into a freezer, while this Sir was sleeping peacefully. I, of course, decided to turn off the AC not wanting to die of freezing cold like Jack in Titanic, I ain’t got no Rose to save me, … neither did he.

And I am not even going to talk about snoring cases, at least that is a natural cause and has nothing to do with behavior, unlike some other actions.

To sum it up, those experiences among others, taught me that like every situations, taking hostels to travel has its cons but also its pros, like the cheap prices of course, but it also gives you the opportunity to meet new people that you would not have met anywhere else, if you are in the mood to socialize with others.

It also taught me that respect is really fundamental no matter where you go, respect is something that never goes old fashion. Caring is also a habit to take into consideration when you share your private space with others, care about the actions you do that can have an impact on everyone, care about the things you left behind you after using a shared place, just simply dare to care.

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  1. I think it’s one of your best articles ! 😀
    I never had went to a hostel but I know one thing girl, that if I had met that « A-C guy » … my reaction would be a little more spicy haha

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