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SCREEN TIME / Wednesday, April 25th, 2018

Game of Thrones, Casa de Papel, Narcos, The Walking Dead, Riverdale, Greys Anatomy, Black Mirror, The 100,  … and the list of the shows you’re watching could go on, right?

But as real serie junkies, how do you manage the list? How do you keep track of all the episodes of all the series you are watching? And when you are hearing about new shows that you could potentially watch, how do you remember them? Are you taking out your notebook and writing this inside? Do you even have a notebook? Absolutely, not. So, in order to do that and because I want to transform your life (Yep, this is how serious it is) I advise you, one, simple and life-changing application: TV SHOWTIME

DISCLAIMER: I did not get paid to say what I’m about to say and anyway, who am I now to be paid to talk about an application? Nobody, for sure.

Some people are going to say that they have Netflix so they don’t need all of this, they just need to be on Netflix of the platform does it all for them, which is true, but come on you guys, is it not better to share your enthusiasm about your favorite show with other viewers?

Through comments, videos, memes, gifs, users of TV Showtime are able to tell what they think about each episode and believe me, it’s hilarious to see some comments and realize that you were not the only freaking out about some scenes in your favorite TV show. Voting for your favorite character and keep track of how many episodes you’ve watched in a week or a month will also be possible. It will allow you to see how much of a binge watcher you really are. And last but not least You will have the schedule of your favorite TV shows.

No need to look on internet anymore, if your show is coming back next week or in 3 freakin months just a swipe to the left will tell you if you have to hold your breath for a week after a crazy cliffhanger or if you have the time to die and resurrecting 3 times before your show comes back.

To get further, You’ll also be able to “Explore” the app to see what are the most popular shows at the moment, finding podcasts about them and checking what your friends are looking, maybe you’ll get inspired by them.

The app probably offers a bunch of other options that I may not even be aware of these so I’m gonna let you check it out and for my part, I’m going to watch an episode of whatever series I’m following.

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